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Eerily accurate poem

I celebrated my 38th birthday a couple weeks ago and while I thankfully received many wishes from my friends and family, this one here takes the cake (pun intended?) My good friend, Laura, runs her own IT company so she is a bit of an aficionado in the realm of artificial intelligence (she's also, ironically?/unironically? one of the smartest people I know!) She thought it'd be funny to ask AI to write a poem for my birthday... and I gotta say... it could not have been farther from a disappointment. The bar is high now, friends:

In the realm of celebrations, today holds a special tune, For it marks the birth of Corinne, beneath the golden moon. A talented soul with passion unrestrained, Whose artistry in boards, a feast for eyes ingrained.

Amidst the bustling city, in the heart of Birmingham's embrace, Corinne's business flourishes with style and grace. "Board in Birmingham," her venture's illustrious name, Where charcuterie dreams come true, igniting love's flame.

With skilled hands, she weaves magic upon wooden planks, Crafting edible masterpieces, a symphony of taste that ranks. From savory delights to sweet ambrosial treats, Her charcuterie boards, a treasure trove that entreats.

Each board a canvas, adorned with culinary delight, An artist's palette of colors, evoking pure delight. Morsels of cheese and whispers of cured meats, Olives dancing, grapes enticing, each bite a joyous feat.

Corinne's touch, meticulous and fine, She arranges the ingredients, like stars in a cosmic line. From prosciutto to figs, and artisanal cheeses divine, Her creations tell stories, memories they enshrine.

Every celebration finds solace upon her spread, For her boards are a testament to the love that's bred. Friendships are strengthened, laughter rings aloud, As guests gather 'round, enchanted and proud.

Today, as candles flicker upon Corinne's cake, Let's raise our glasses and celebrate the strides she'll make. May her business soar to glorious heights, And her charcuterie boards continue to ignite.

Happy Birthday, dear Corinne, a creator so bold, May life's blessings upon you gracefully unfold. May each year bring joy, success, and cheer, As you share your edible art, bringing smiles near and clear.

So, what was your favorite part?

Also, I should add that I grew up listening to alternative rock, i.e. Alannis Morisette, so my definition of irony is very skewed.

Your grazings and gatherings guru,


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